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Dear Guests,
The city of Portland has recently announced a large-scale project to renew sewer lines throughout the city, including State St. where the inn is located. This project is set to begin in August and go on through October. We know that such work can be disruptive and we wanted to make you aware of the situation before you book a room.

The good news is that this work should not affect city services at all and Mercury Inn will stay open throughout the project. The city has assured us that, though the street will be closed to all but local traffic, all guests of Mercury Inn will be allowed through. Parking will still largely be available on State St. 

Two important considerations to keep in mind:

While street parking should largely be unaffected, there may be times when it is not available. Our lot will still be available for overnight parking and for those who don't wish to use their car while they are in town. Unfortunately, due to city regulations, our lot still won't be available to large vehicles (trucks, SUVs, etc) or cars with manual transmission. Portland is a very walkable city with cabs and ride share services readily available. It is our belief that the city is best experienced on foot. If it is possible to arrive in Portland without a car, we are recommending you do so. We are happy to help you plan a car-free trip - from ordering cabs to finding transportation in and out of the city. If you will be renting a car for your stay, we highly suggesting selecting a sedan or wagon for the most parking opportunities. 

The other important consideration is noise. Unfortunately, this is a large scale excavation project and won't be without noise. The city has promised to do their best to limit noise during the mornings. We will also provide white noise machines and earplugs. As we get closer to the dates of construction we will try and think of anything else we can do to improve the situation. Unfortunately it's largely out of our control. 

While we would absolutely still love to have you stay with us, we understand that these are not ideal conditions. If you're still interested in booking a stay with us please follow the link below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.