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273 State St. Portland, ME 04101
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21+ Portland

As if lobster and ocean views weren’t enough, the city is home to a top American microbrew scene.
— The Atlantic

Portland, Maine is the home of incredible craft brews, and growing distillery culture, and all the food pairings you could hope for. Take a day and enjoy Portland as someone who is legally allowed to imbibe as they wish.

A Boozy Brunch at The Front Room

73 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 773-3366

Monday - Saturday:
8AM - 2:30PM
5PM - 10PM
Sunday: 4PM - 9PM

Start with a light breakfast at Mercury Inn, then make a slight trek up Munjoy Hill (you might want to take a cab or Uber) is the Front Room, the perfect place to fill yourself on delicious food and a mimosa. Might we recommend the eggs benedict over gnocci or their croque madam, paired with a Munjoy Morning (cappuccino, RumChata, Jameson Irish Whiskey). You'll be full, content, and ready for whatever the day brings you (maybe after a mid-day nap).

Maine Brew BUs

Tour guides with personalities, behind-the scenes views at the best brews, and more fun on a green bus than should be considered reasonable.

111 Commercial St.
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 245-1940

Open Everyday: 10AM - 7PM

Hop into a bright green school bus and explore all the craft alcohol that Portland and southern Maine have to offer. All-inclusive tours give you the snacks you need to keep on exploring the city, with the brews that you have heard about and have been looking to sample.

If you are in town on a Friday night, consider a Pours and Pirates tour: visit three stops at breweries and wineries/meaderies, enjoy a vegetarian snack from Ten Ten Pie, then head back to the rink for a Portland Pirates AHL game. Consider it a fun night of brews, food, new friends, and a game on the ice.

Beerunch! is perfect if you’re looking for brew-centered Sunday morning, stopping off at Bissell Brothers Brewing, Geary’s Brewing, and Bunker Brewing, eating a savory hand pie from Ten Ten Pie along the way. You’re done by 2PM, full, and with time to explore Portland during the day.

Lunch at the Little Tap House

106 High St.
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 518-9283

Open Everyday: 11AM - 12AM

When you want lunch with good beer, the Little Tap House has all your needs met. Stop on by the craft beer gastro pub between Portland's West End and Arts District to taste from their 14 rotating, Maine-focused taps and limited bottle selection, curated with the effort to reduce environmental and ecological impact. Fill up with a Roasted Lamb Sandwich or the Beer for Breakfast Sandwich (two fried eggs, bacon, beer cheese fondue, and a grilled bun).

If you do happen to swing by for brunch, take advantage of their Tap House Bloodies and $4 mimosas, particularly with their poutine and eggs (12 hour braised beef, Pineland Farms cheese curds, fries, two eggs any style). You will not leave hungry.

Mid-Day Coffee at Bard

185 Middle St.
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 899-4788

Monday - Friday: 6AM - 7PM
Saturday: 8AM - 7PM
Sunday: 8AM - 6PM

Bard takes the romance of coffee to an entirely new level, with a focus on creating truly incredible experiences for their customers. Ordering a cup of coffee isn’t as simple for them as pouring out their mass-made brew. Each cup has a story, a farm, and a person behind it, and it is their responsibility to tell that story through coffee.

It is hard to find a group of baristas that are more passionate, knowledgeable, and friendly than the team behind Bard. It’s the mid-afternoon coffee pick-me-up that you need.

Hard-to-Find Music at Enterprise Records

51 Park St.
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 773-7672

Thursday - Friday: 11AM - 6PM
Saturday: 11AM - 5PM
Sunday: 1PM - 5PM

A day of brews is not finished without a bit of music. If you are into LPs, stop by Enterprise Records - the only stores of its kind in Portland. They have never once sold a single CD.

Take some time and explore what they have to offer. All of their collection is clean, with a focus on only selling product that will play well and last for years to come. If you have a specific record in mind, be sure to ask - their collection goes far beyond what they have out on the shelves.

OTTO for Pizza & Speciality Brew

576 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101

Sunday - Thursday: 11:30AM - 11PM
Friday - Saturday: 11:30AM - 2AM

Their pizza may be taking the Boston to Maine corridor by storm, but OTTO's home is firmly rooted in Portland. They work with local breweries to create OTTO-only brews, giving you a special selection to pair with delicious, locally-sourced pizza.

Plus, you never know when you'll find a local band playing some live music to eat and drink to. There are not many better ways to close up a day of brews and exploring Portland.


End of the Night

Though you won't be far from Mercury Inn, a day of exploring the brewer side of Portland may mean a quick Uber ride home is in order. Otherwise, enjoy a nice, comfortable walk back to the comforts of your room at the inn.