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At Mercury Inn we take pride in being models for businesses that offer comfortable, modern lodging services while exercising good environmental practices. 

We take a common sense, evidence-based approach to ensuring the B&B is sustainable—trusting scientific research and not bottle labels to inform us of the best sustainable products and practices. Our methods include the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and administrative supplies. We reduce waste elimination through our careful recycling and composting practices.

Mercury Inn works actively to reduce its carbon footprint:

Replaced all light fixtures with low-energy LED bulbs.

Re-painted the interior using Mythic Non-Toxic Zero VOC paint exclusively.

Sourced vintage and locally made furniture pieces for all bedrooms and common areas.

Clean with homemade, non-toxic cleaning formulas made from recognizable ingredients.

Recycle and compost everything possible in order to reduce our carbon impact.

Use goods made from post-consumer recycled materials, including drinking cups, garbage bags, and toilet tissue.

Provide soaps made from natural, plant-based ingredients in reusable dispensers.

Encourage guests to participate in saving water by reusing towels and linens.


We understand the importance and interdependence of environmental and economic sustainabilities and so primarily engage with locally based farms and businesses to provide the food that goes into every meal. We base our menus on what is available seasonally to support our farms and give our guests a flavor of Maine's regional cuisine. We believe that every investment in another local business is an investment in the health and vitality of our community.


Conserve water consumption by participating in our optional towel and linen reuse program and don’t let water run unnecessarily in sinks and showers.

Recycle plastic, metal and paper by separating them from other refuse and putting them in the blue bins found in your room.

Conserve energy consumption by turning off lights and air conditioners in your room when you are not there.

Provide feedback to your innkeepers--there's always more we could be doing, and we'd love to hear what you think!